Franz Pelizza

The overlap of more images reflects
the reality in wich we live where multiple things to do
chase and overlap. The result of the overlap in the photographic work, however, does not create disorder or chaos but harmony and beauty.


He was born in Vigevano (Province of Pavia - Italy) in1950. He's an Art photographer, Photojournalist, member of the Italian Journalists Association. During his training path, great importance had the meeting and the friendship with two masters of art photography, Guglielmo Chiolini and Francesco Guallini who, in turn, was a friend of Ugo Mulas and also with the painter Fulvio Belmontesi who, impressed by his photographic approach, by the geometries of his works and their particular features, which made his shots more conceptual, inspired him to research his own creative way and expressive path. Over the years, his photographic art actually evolved, from figurative shots, reproducing the observed reality, to an interpretation of the image that became an abstract photographic composition, turned upside down , cutout, colored by his thoughts and emotions to be a modality, defined by the artist himself, as a reality of “Mio Mondo SottoSopra” (My World Upside Down). During his activity, starting from the 1970s, he cooperated as a photojournalist, with the most important daily newspapers, national magazines, publishing houses and with Pavia University. He took part in numerous national and international contests obtaining prizes and recognitions. Over the years, his works were exhibited in national personal exhibitions. In 2019 he arranged a personal exhibition at the Sforzesco Castle in Vigevano, he took part with his works in a collective exhibition in Vigevano and in the Osvaldo Licini Research Center - Marche region. In 2020 he has taken part in Art Innsbruck 2020, in the collective Contemporary Italian Artists in Cologne, and was included in the "Catalog of Modern Art" "Italian artists from the early twentieth century to today" n. 56 Editorial Giorgio Mondadori. In 2021 he has taken part in the Art Exhibition of Contemporary Artists "Dante between Lights and Shadows" - De Claricini Dornpacher Foundation - Bottenicco - Moimacco (Friuli), he exhibited one of his works at the 9th International Art Biennale of Monte- Carlo and one of his works at the 17th Architecture Biennale Venice - collateral event "Senza Terra- Pomerio”, he has taken part in “ Biennale Milano” “ International Art Meeting”, in the "Art Symposium" exhibition for the centenary of the birth of Margherita Hack and was included in the "Catalog of Modern Art" "Italian artists from the early twentieth century to today" n. 57 Editorial Giorgio Mondadori.